Unusual Hen Party Ideas


It can feel that you’re lacking in inspiration and that there is nothing that Sharon from Accounting hasn’t already done on some other hen do last year (and is happy to bang on about every time you float an idea..)  However, at Madame Peaches we do have a few suggestions that you possibly haven’t heard of.

Different hen party ideas are hard to come by – but we think you might like some of the below.
Body Painting.
We just love hen party body painting and we are one of the main suppliers in the UK so bring a wealth of experience with literally hundreds of parties and happy hens under our belt.  We provide a semi-nude model who will come armed with all manner of non-toxic, washable paints, brushes, sponges and even bin liners if you want to take extra care of your fancy togs.  Create a once-in-a-lifetime living, breathing work of art with your fellow hens. (No, you can’t take him home and keep him – but we’ll make sure you get plenty of pictures to remember your session by)
Ask us about upgrading to a nude model or even adding in an extra model for larger groups.  Hen party body painting works really well coupled with a life drawing class – either before or after the painting!
Liverpool, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff are a few of our top hen party body painting locations – but plenty more on offer here.  
Unusual Hen Party Ideas Madame Peaches Hen Parties
Dominatrix Class.
If you’re feeling the need to get the hen blushing – look no further!  If she’s up for some saucy fun – we can fully recommend a Dominatrix Class.  The beauty of this session is that we can really tailor the session to suit.  Whether you are looking for an informative sex ed class with giggles along the way – or a full on eye opener filled with all things fetish …. we can do it!  Our Dominatrix hen party classes are led by an instructor with a wealth of experience in the field.  She may have worked as a professional mistress – or may be a super enthusiastic amateur.  She will be accompanied by one of our sub models who comes fully prepared to submit to your will!
  Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, London and Newcastle are a few of our top hen party Dominatrix party locations – but plenty more on offer here.  
Unusual Hen Party Ideas Madame Peaches Hen Parties
Tantalise and Tease
Another of our naughty classes.  Prepare to learn (or hone) your seduction skills.  Props are provided alongside expert tuition. Hens just love our Tantalise & Tease class for some really useful information coupled with SO MUCH LAUGHING. If you feel that your hen party is the teeniest bit wild – this is the one for you.  Depending on your teachers specific skill set – you may even get a dollop of Burlesque too.
Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, London and Nottingham are a few of our top hen party Tantalise & Tease locations – but plenty more on offer here.

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