A day in the life of a life drawing model


A day in the life of a life drawing model.

A day in the life of a life drawing model Madame Peaches Hen Parties

We provide life drawing classes (when a model in drawn in the nude) for both stag and hen parties across the UK. We asked one of our lovely models,Will, a bit about how he finds the job. Will has been with us since 2015 and not only is he hotter than all hell – he’s also one of the nicest guys you could meet and an absolute pleasure to have on the books.

How did you get into life modelling? – I worked for a strip company and a life modelling job came through, after a year I moved to Madame Peaches.

What’s the secret to successful classes for happy hens? – Humour, attentiveness, smelling nice and making sure the hen has the time of her life

Most embarrassing moment? – Not sure if I can say!

When you’re not modelling – what will we find you doing? – Personal training getting people in the shape of their lives, competing against Britain’s strongest man lifting weights (seriously!) or being naked at Adonis Cabaret.

Have partners ever been jealous? – I met my last girlfriend through life modelling as she was a tutor! So not really.

Why do you love working for us? – Always fun, easy classes, wonderful office and support team in Kim and Justine, I’m just waiting to being invited for Christmas!

Aww. We think we’d like to marry Will. Please come for Christmas dinner. Oh, and if you could wear the same outfit – that would be great!

If you’re interested in modelling at any of our parties – check out more info here www.madamepeaches.co.uk

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