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WORK FOR US - Models Madame Peaches Hen Parties

We are seeking male models for all of our current locations plus lots of new locations coming soon! Please email us telling us more about yourself including your current employment, any experience, where you are based and where you are able to travel to.

  • Fit and toned
  • Well presented
  • Happy posing nude in front of groups
  • 100% reliable
  • Available Saturdays

Application form

Please send us photos that clearly show your face and body. These do not need to be nude and they do not need to be professional shots. (Max. 1MB file size, send only in jpg, gif or png formats)

Personal Information

Post code:
Areas you can cover: (We pay travel time & cost for work out of your city)
Mobile number:
Email address:
Date of birth:
Do you Drive and own a car: YesNo
Do you have a Rail Card? YesNo
Please tick which roles you wish to apply for? Butler (Semi nude)Dominatrix (nude)Dominatrix (Semi nude)Body Painting (nude)Body Painting (Semi nude)

Current Employment, Qualifications, and Experience

Current Employment
Have you modelled nude or semi nude before? Please provide details.
On occasion in our life drawing classes we may ask a model to tutor as well (for a higher fee). Would you be comfortable to multi task and do you have tutoring experience?

General Questions

What attracts you to modelling for hen parties?
What do you think the key skills are that make a successful model?
Sometimes guests can be quite cheeky – how would you handle this?
Although 95% women - on occasion men attend our events. Are you comfortable posing nude in front of men and/or women?

Which 5 words best describe you?!
What is your weekend availability like?
Any Additional Info

Please note that we set a high standard when recruiting our staff. Please take the time to check your application thoroughly. Incomplete or brief forms will not be considered.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form!