The little things you might have forgotten


There is no doubt about it – planning a hen do can be an all-consuming, responsibility laden job.  You must confirm numbers, manage budgets, gather funds, choose the activities and so much more besides.  It’s not surprising that with so much project management – some of the small touches that can really add so much sometimes get overlooked.

Here are some of our ideas to add some hen party sparkle.

Hangover Kits:

The little things you might have forgotten Madame Peaches Hen Parties

Last month we had the pleasure of booking Lyndsey a hen party Thriller dance class in Liverpool.  She was super organised and shared this cute and thoughtful idea with us.  Lyndsey knew that the Saturday night would be the big party night and with relatives coming all the way from Australia – she also knew the booze would be free flowing!

  • Bottle of water – rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate!
  • Sweets – sugar boost!
  • Berocca – scientifically proven to reduce tiredness
  • Face Mask & lip balm– sooth and hydrate
  • Mints – in case you can still taste tequila and kebab
  • Pain killers – take the edge of your headache
  • Mini bottle of Prosecco – in case ‘hair of the dog’ is your handover cure!
  • Hair tie – if you’re feeling really rough
  • Plasters – sort those party blisters

Check out Etsy for loads of cute ideas and if you have the time – why not put together yourself?  The individual items can be picked up cheaply at your local supermarket or discount shop and you’ll have fun choosing little packs and handwriting the name tags.

Hen party name badges

The little things you might have forgotten Madame Peaches Hen Parties

This seems obvious – but it can be a MASSIVE help at the start of a hen do where a lot of the girls don’t know each other.  It really helps to break the ice and get everyone chatting.  Earlier this year, we arranged a Life Drawing class in Edinburgh for Sarah.  Her best friend Jen was the hen and she had a guest list of friends from lots of different locations.  Childhood friends from Inverness, family from Glasgow, Brighton and Newcastle, work friends from Edinburgh, Uni friends from Brighton and the grooms sister from Leicester! Sarah felt that a life drawing class would get everyone giggling and feeling relaxed pretty quickly (she’s right – a hen party life drawing class is the most perfect icebreaker – everyone knows willies are hilarious 😊) but she was still worried about the group gelling as a whole.  We suggested the name badges and this coupled with the life drawing class worked a treat!

Check out Not on the Highstreet for some great ideas that have a classier feel and make a sweet little keepsake.

A memento to bring a tear to a glass eye.

The little things you might have forgotten Madame Peaches Hen Parties

Sometimes you want more than photos to remember the hen do by.  We’ve always loved this idea.  It’s simple and you can do it yourself easily.  You need a frame (The Range do a great selection at low prices), a piece of thick white paper, Felt tips in the colour/s of your choose…and of course a whole load of hens with their lippy on. We also like the idea of each of the hens signing her lips.  If you buy a slightly larger frame & paper, you’d also have room to write a few words too.  This is a truly beautiful idea and something that the hen can keep forever.  Aww.  I’m welling up!

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