We know that if you are that lucky person in charge of your friends hen weekend – this is not a task you will be undertaking lightly – in fact you’ll barely have time to read this due to the lists coming out your ears.  Firstly – don’t panic.

We have our lists of Frequently asked questions that should go most of the way to answering your initial questions.

We have loads of brilliant stuff that we can arrange for you:

Hen Madame Peaches
90 minute fun filled fabulousness (yes, that's a word) with 30 themes to choice from, including a design-it-yourself Bespoke service.
Hen Madame Peaches
Need a gorgeous attentive butler to anticipate your every need? Of course you do!
Hen Madame Peaches
90 minutes of 50 Shades of Grey. Not for the faint hearted. Learn how to hogtie, spank, cuff and generally be the boss. Slave provided.
Hen Madame Peaches
Fancy something a bit naughtier? Enhance your body language skills & learn what to do once you get your hands on the object of your affection...
Hen Madame Peaches
Feeling the need to get hands on? Our lovely boys come with paint, brushes and a sheet to keep it all spick and span. And naked.