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ABOUT US Madame Peaches Hen Parties 
It all begun back in 2008, when we realised that you can never actually speak to companies anymore; and even when you do, you don’t feel individual or important.
Automated phone lines, out sourced call centres, never getting to speak to the same person twice; all these avoidance tactics drive customers crazy and we wanted to change that.
Although we have grown quickly and now cover the whole of the UK as well as Ireland, we’re still small enough to spend time with our customers to make sure we get it right.  Head here for lots of hen party and wedding inspiration.
At Madame Peaches, we welcome all groups; all ages, gay ( we love a good sten or hag do!), straight, mixed groups and all levels of experience. We also know that one size doesn’t fit all as no two groups are the same.  That’s why we like to tailor our services to fit the customer and not the other way around. Of course, we have lots of party options to choose from as a starting point but that’s just what it is, a starting point. We’re on hand to find a venue that will take your 14 year old niece who doesn’t want to be left out or to change the routine last minute because the hen has sprained her ankle. We can choreograph a routine to Priscilla Queen Of The Desert because Stewarts day wouldn’t be complete without it. We can even take some of the sauce out of a Burlesque party because Granny wants to come.

We can find venues with good disabled access, keep surprises under our (sparkly) hat, smuggle in the hens secret Dolly Parton wig and fake boobies fancy dress; arrange parties on the day when another company has let you down, pretty much anything to make your day smooth and worry free (and yes – these things all actually happen).

Us Madame Peaches girls have been on enough hen parties ourselves to know that pleasing the whole group can turn into something of a nightmare. Everyone has a different budget and a different idea of what the hen would want to do. (See our FAQ’s for help!)

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry, so we have something to suit even the smallest of budgets.  We began by devising some fantastically fun themed Dance Classes and as we have expanded we now offer Life Drawing Classes, Body Painting, Tantalise and Tease,  and Dominatrix Lessons. As for choice, we have by far the widest range of dance classes available as well as a Bespoke Service (which we absolutely LOVE as we’ve seen some weird and wonderful requests in our time!)

We want our customers to have an absolute blast and then go and tell their friends.  Let’s face it, what’s better than a word of mouth recommendation? The best form of marketing any company could wish for.